Coesia's innovative end-to-end solutions 

Elevating E-commerce Packaging: Coesia's advanced solutions

In recent years, the e-commerce landscape has undergone a profound transformation driven by the widespread adoption of automation technologies. Robotics, artificial intelligence and real-time monitoring are responding to this trend, revolutionizing order fulfillment and delivery processes and marking an important moment in supply chain management. 

Indeed, smart robotic solutions are increasingly becoming the new workforce, tackling tasks and streamlining operations, with the global warehouse robotics market expected to reach $15,792 million by 2030 according to Allied market research. Also showing this trend are industry reports that indicate a significant increase in investment in warehouse automation, which, as shown by data collected by Businesswire, is expected to reach $54,60 billion by 2030, reflecting a strategic shift toward streamlining operations and improving efficiency.  

But there’s another aspect influencing the sector's evolution, the growing focus on sustainability. Consumers are increasingly aware of the environmental impact of their purchases, with surveys indicating that approximately 74% actively seek eco-friendly alternatives and materials in their supply chain. Consequently, it has become necessary for companies to prioritize sustainability initiatives, such as using recyclable or biodegradable packaging materials, optimizing packaging design to reduce waste, and implementing energy-efficient solutions for production and transportation methods. 

As the e-commerce industry evolves, companies must be able to embrace these trends and leverage on solutions to be competitive in an increasingly dynamic and evolving environment

Recognizing this need, Coesia introduced a suite of cutting-edge solutions designed to address the unique challenges of e-commerce pack automation. 

Coesia's innovative end-to-end solutions 

One crucial aspect of e-commerce operations is packaging, particularly secondary packaging, which plays a crucial role in ensuring product safety, brand integrity, and customer experience. 

Drawing upon its extensive expertise in industrial process engineering, Coesia offers a comprehensive portfolio of solutions designed to meet the diverse needs of e-commerce businesses. Through its specialized companies such as ACMA, EMMECI, FLEXLINK, and SYSTEM CERAMICS, Coesia has developed a range of automated solutions designed to revolutionize e-commerce packaging focused on three macro categories – Packaging on Demand, Flow Automation, and Robotics.  

Coesia's Packaging on demand solutions ensure the delivery of fit-to-size, customized boxes and bags to customers, such as carton erector for precise box assembly, fit-case packing for tailored case packing, fit-bag for customized bag fulfillment, and fit-box fulfillment for personalized box production. Moreover, Coesia provides digital priting solutions with inline printing modules for efficient packaging customization. This enhances the overall experience while minimizing waste and environmental impact. 

At the same time, there's a clear demand for enhanced Flow Automation, achievable through customized automated process flows for e-commerce. This includes handling solutions and sorting equipment crafted to enhance operational efficiency. From streamlining warehouse operations to optimizing sorting procedures, achieving operational efficiency and seamless workflows becomes easily within reach. 

State-of-the-art Robotic technologies, on the other hand, can ensure the safe management of a wide range of products, boxes, and crates, providing greater efficiency and flexibility in managing the various activities within the e-commerce supply chain, including picking systems, palletizing and de-palletizing, and also for mixed boxes. 

This comprehensive approach ensures a smooth and efficient e-fulfillment process, reducing the need for manual intervention and optimizing every phase of the packaging workflow

What solutions does Coesia provide? 

Coesia leads  innovation in the e-commerce packaging sector, providing a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to address the evolving needs of businesses. These innovative technologies are transforming the way companies approach packaging, from production to fulfillment. 

E-BM (Box-Making Solution) 

The E-BM solution represents a breakthrough in producing custom-sized boxes for shipping. This system is designed to produce on demand American shipping boxes, ensuring a perfect fit for the product dimensions. Its key feature is the ability to offer ease of use, flexibility, and inline printing for immediate customization, minimizing waste and reducing energy consumption

This means that companies can create customized boxes with tracking barcodes, company graphics, or other relevant information directly during the production process.  

E-BFS (Clamshell Box Filling Solution) 

E-BFS is a specialized solution specifically designed for the production and filling of clamshell shipping boxes. This solution goes beyond simple packaging automation, as it emphasizes the customer experience. Clamshell boxes are designed to ensure easy opening and resealability, offering customers a unique unboxing experience and facilitating returns.  

Additionally, the machine provides inline printing options for functional elements such as barcodes or graphics, further enhancing the visual attractiveness of the boxes and significantly boosting brand recognition. 

E-SWL (Sleeve Wrapping Solution) 

E-SWL represents an innovative solution to produce custom-sized bags, paper-based ones included. The distinctive feature of this solution is its operational flexibility and real-time customization options. It offers inline printing features for tailoring, and for the integration of precise customer or product information. This advanced functionality encompasses various customization aspects, including printed inserts placed inside the bag, printed details on the bag's exterior, and the application of customized labels. By encompassing these comprehensive customization features, the process optimizes packaging efficiency while concurrently enhancing the customer experience.

At the forefront of Coesia's portfolio for flow automation is the state-of-the-art digital sorter. This revolutionary automated solution revolutionizes the process of product aggregation by allowing for the automatic consolidation of SKUs, eliminating the need for labor-intensive manual operations. 

Operating on the innovative concept of digital locations and intelligent software, the digital sorter transcends the limitations of traditional fixed chutes. Its dynamic approach seamlessly aligns with specific sorting needs and instructions from the Warehouse Control System (WCS), resulting in unparalleled efficiency gains. The impact of this cutting-edge technology is profound, with manual operations reduced by up to 60% and overall footprint savings of up to 50%. 

Another key player in Coesia's suite of solutions is BRIXX®. This modular, click-and-play solution is designed to further reduce manual operations and facilitate swift transformations for co-packing lines.  

Powered by intuitive software and leveraging mobile conveyors and robots, BRIXX® automates the repetitive tasks inherent in packing and co-packing processes. The versatility of BRIXX® modules enables a wide array of operations, including pick-and-place, mixing, labeling, re-labeling, palletizing, and de-palletizing. By streamlining various product transformations, this innovative solution empowers production companies and co-packers to achieve heightened levels of productivity

All Coesia systems blend operational efficiency, flexibility, and tailored customization to perfectly match the unique demands of e-commerce businesses. A strategic investment in improving packaging process efficiency, optimizing the customer experience, and differentiating the brand in the competitive e-commerce landscape. 

Coesia is revolutionizing the e-commerce sector with its lineup of user-friendly machines, precisely tailored packaging solutions, and seamless end-to-end automation systems. Coesia’s comprehensive portfolio prioritizes efficiency, sustainability, and unparalleled customer satisfaction, setting new standards for the e-commerce industry. 

Coesia's innovative solutions are ready to guide you into the future of e-commerce. Contact us today! 

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