Pharma & Healthcare

In the Pharma & Healthcare industry, compliance with production regulations and efficiency are mandatory conditions. At the same time, the demand for customized products is rising, and so is the pressure to produce them at the lowest possible cost while not decreasing the quality of the product. In such a complex operation, where sustainability in terms of packages and processes and digitalization are also transforming factors, Coesia's companies are your go-to partners to embrace the challenge of modern manufacturing of products like Injectables, Medical Devices, Optical, OTC and Nutraceuticals.  

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Our advanced solutions for the primary and secondary packaging of pharmaceutical products, as well as for printing, vision systems for monitoring, robotics and production flow, respond to the most sophisticated requests of the industry, and yet are incredibly easy to operate and maintain. Thanks to continuous investments in R&D and our custom engineering expertise, as a Group, we supply digital technologies that provide an uplift in performance for production lines and supply chains – with incredible benefits for our customers and improved quality for consumers as well. 

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