End-to-end solutions

With our expertise in the world of automation, Coesia is a solid partner for those companies operating in the e-commerce field and looking for automatic solutions for online orders fulfilment.
From robotics to pack automation, from mass-customization to sorting systems, we provide customers with highly innovative user-friendly technological solutions, focused on agility, flexibility and efficiency.

Coesia e-commerce
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Coesia packaging on demand equipment includes wrapping, box making, carton erecting, box filling, and inline printing solutions, engineered to deliver customized, fit-to-size packaging that enhance customers’ experience. Its flow automation capabilities, such as conveying systems and sorting equipment, are suitable to optimize operational efficiency and boost productivity for e-commerce businesses of all scales. Additionally, robotics focus on enhancing efficiency, accuracy, and overall operational excellence, offering versatile handling capabilities for various products, boxes, and cases from picking to palletizing. 


Pioneering flexibility: EMMECI's E-BM box-making solution redefines on-demand packaging

E-BM is a box-making machine engineered to produce fit-to-size American shipping boxes. Its unique box manufacturing technology guarantees minimal material consumption and waste, in line with modern sustainable manufacturing requirements, and gives the shipping box additional robustness for improved customer experience. It boasts flexibility, and adaptability to various materials handling processes and logistical layouts.  


ACMA introduces its newest sleeve wrapping solution, the E-SWL

This machine is designed to produce fit-to-size paper bags for products that do not require special protection from impacts, significantly reducing the amount of packaging material around the product. Scalable, flexible, and user-friendly, it allows on-demand printing and the inclusion of any type of documentation inside the package, with real-time customization. 


FlexLink click-and-play BRIXX® for packing and co-packing

BRIXX®  is an innovative modular solution integrating intuitive software with advanced mobile conveyors and robots, streamlining co-packing lines by minimizing manual tasks and enabling quick transformations. The flexible combination of BRIXX® modules allows a wide range of operations with the same hardware and software. Production companies or co-packers can automate product transformations such as Pick-and-Place, Mixing, Labelling, Re-Labelling, Palletizing or De-Palletizing for increased productivity and efficiency.

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