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Best Global Talent and Career Development

Coesia is committed to attracting, developing and retaining the best people at an international level. We do this by continually evaluating and investing in best industry practices.

New employees are offered onboarding programs so that they can seamlessly integrate into the Group and become familiar with our business. Employees are then progressively offered training programs to develop their potential, skills and leadership in line with Coesia’s strategic focus as well as collective and individual needs.

We have implemented a 360-review system for global performance evaluations in order to promote fairness, equity and merit-based rewards for high performers.





For the growth of the people

With the goal of creating and strengthening a shared common goal in terms of systems and processes, several development initiatives are carried out in order to identify, develop and retain our people. The focus of these programs is the increase of self-awareness, knowledge and skills of the people within the Group.

The Coesia Leadership Lab

Coesia organizes an international Leadership Lab to mobilize the participants’ collective intelligence to address issues that are relevant to the Group. The program is structured in order to make sure that people become effective agents of change. It includes opportunities to gain visibility with Coesia’s Top Management.

The Coesia Leadership Sandbox

The Coesia Leadership Sandbox is an initiative aimed at fostering the potential of Coesia junior population, seeking to accelerate individual growth within the organization. Participants are engaged in different activities and focus areas to enhance the awareness of their own strengths and areas of improvement. It’s also a chance for them to build up network opportunities and increase their knowledge of Coesia.

The Coesia Innovation Mindset

The Coesia Innovation Mindset aims at developing technical potential in order to foster personal growth through business and leadership innovation skills. Participants will be challenged to experiment with new approaches and tools, scouting replicable innovation models and techniques to identify new technical solutions.

For the growth of our people


Coesia offers a mentoring program with the aim of both sharing a more systematic insight of Coesia and its culture and accessing a broader network within the organization. Participants have the chance to be in a close relationship with a more senior manager and get support in terms of growth and development.

In partnership with business schools, Coesia have created educational programs for executives and Coesia leaders.


Consistently ranked one of the world’s top business schools, London Business School’s Executive Education programmes have helped Coesia develop some of their greatest talents – sparking new ways of thinking, accelerating transformation and achieving unrivalled impact.


The School’s mission is to help individuals, companies and institutions grow by promoting managerial culture. MBA Programs, Executive and Specialized Masters, Executive Programs, Custom Programs, Applied Research, Research Labs and Knowledge Centers all contribute to this - a wide offering aimed at professionals from all over the world and from all sectors of the economy. In this regard, some Coesia collaborators have attended different SDA Bocconi courses.


Based in Lausanne (Switzerland) and Singapore, the Institute for Management Development (IMD) has been ranked in the top three of the annual FT’s Executive Education Global Ranking for the ninth year in a row as well as among the top five during seventeen consecutive years. Many Coesia collaborators have joined IMD courses, hence making the most of its commitment to challenging what is and inspiring what could be as it continues to be a pioneering force in developing leaders 75 years after its creation.

Coesia Learning Center


The Coesia Learning Center designs, manages and delivers Group training initiatives in accordance with its leadership model, culture and values. We develop peoples' knowledge, competency and skills, to encourage professional growth and maximum contribution in order to achieve the Group's strategic targets.

From questions to answers

Due to a in-depth analysis with each organizational unit, we design training programs that anticipate and meet learning internal and external trends, while considering the diversity and complexity of our businesses, our technologies and our market challenges.

A bounadry-free offer

We manage learning opportunities in the Group at both global and local levels. This promotes quality, efficacy and efficiency through supporting the spread of cross-company skills, ensuring the best performance in any organizational role.

Partner in excellence 

Co-operating with top class training companies worldwide, we promote and implement innovative in-class training tools, digital platforms, approaches and methods with proven effectiveness and coherence with our business challenges.

The Coesia Learning Center offering is built around different training opportunities based on professional area, content, learning area, recipients:



Learning offering

The Coesia Learning Center's offering is structured around different training opportunities according to professional area, content, learning area, relevant addressees:




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