Siamo una realtà imprenditoriale che agisce per il bene comune.


We are a business institution acting for the common good with a strong sense of social responsibility and ethical leadership.

In Synergy with the territory

The Coesia companies are committed to supporting the communities in which they operate, promoting synergistic relationships with local authorities, institutions, universities, and associations, through donations, collaborations, and partnerships in the fields of health, culture, society, education, sports and scientific research.


Fondazione MAST (Manifattura di Arti, Sperimentazione e Tecnologia) is an international, cultural and philanthropic institution based on technology, art and innovation. The Foundation promotes social innovation and corporate welfare projects supporting shared economic, social and cultural growth.

A non-profit private initiative conceived in 2013 by Isabella Seràgnoli, Fondazione MAST was founded to serve both employees of the Coesia industrial group and the wider community, in a spirit of corporate responsibility that starts from the company and extends beyond its boundaries. The Foundation acts as a catalyst for creativity, innovation, and collaboration, bridging the gap between the corporate world and the broader cultural landscape.

Corporate welfare services are combined with a program of cultural activities offered free of charge to the public and catering to all ages:

  • the Innovation Gallery – an experiential learning area focused on technology and innovation;
  • the Photo Gallery – an exhibition space that hosts temporary exhibitions of photography on the themes of industry and work;
  • the Academy – responds to the Group's internal training needs and serves as a center for the development and training of technical culture aimed at the local territory in partnership with institutions;
  • the Nursery School – an educational service open both to the children of locally-based Coesia employees and to the wider community of Bologna, and offers a high-quality pedagogical experience to over 100 children ranging in age from three months to five years;
  • the Auditorium – hosts internal and external company conventions and cultural events;
  • the Wellness Centre – a cross between a gym, company restaurant and cafeteria with a view to improving health and quality of life.
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Fare Impresa in Dozza (FID)

The social enterprise FID (Fare Impresa in Dozza – Doing Business in Dozza) was established in 2010 by three of the main industrial companies in Bologna (G.D, IMA and Marchesini Group) together with Fondazione Aldini-Valeriani, later joined by FAAC Group, and has been operating within Dozza prison in Bologna since 2012.
FID's mission is to offer inmates the opportunity to reintegrate into society once their sentence is served. Inmates gain skills through employment in prison, tutoring by retired former employees of the member companies, and receiving support finding employment in the local supply chain once they leave prison.

Fare Impresa in Dozza