Coesia invests in people

The Group is always ready to offer
personalized, structured career
opportunities to talented candidates.

Coesia cura il talento

Coesia nurtures talent

Development plans based on recognition of individual merits and skills expand the professional horizons of our people through roles, functions and country locations.

Coesia parla molte lingue

Coesia speaks many languages

It maps training and career paths for its people that then become professional experiences in the numerous countries where the Group operates.

Coesia è vicina alle persone

Coesia stays close to its people

The Group reconciles global presence and local initiatives, such as its social responsibility projects, partnerships with schools and universities, and connections with single communities.

Coesia guarda avanti

Coesia looks to the future

Technological innovation focused on customer requirements and ambitions for the future are behind the Group’s global leadership and the long-term success of its companies.

Innovation made by People

People are the key to Coesia’s strength and success.
It is thanks to their talent, dedication, passion and ambition to excel and to create sustainable value that the Group has been able to expand over time and establish itself as a leader in so many industries.


Leadership Model

The Coesia Leadership Model is a framework creating a common language across all cultures and teams.
It identifies key competencies with clearly defined outcomes to promote professional development.

Leadership model
Change managment

Change Management

Coesia applies a cohesive methodology for Change Management at all levels of the organization. This enables employees to manage the challenges and opportunities linked to our business.

Coesia Culture and Values program

Coesia's Culture and Value ambassadors enable opportunities for dynamic partnerships across job functions, businesses, and countries. It includes people at all organizational levels. 


People initiatives

We continuously invest in the engagement of our employees by joining sport events, with the aim to foster stronger connections and team spirit as well as improving health and well-being. We value sport as a powerful means to stimulate a healthy environment, push boundaries and overcome limits. This is why we regularly sponsor a group of our employees to participate in one of the most important marathons in the international circuit, such as the 2019 Berlin Marathon.