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More efficient and reliable solutions can be achieved through the use of the latest digital technologies. To continue offering cutting-edge products and services, Coesia is operating in various fields including connectivity, big data analytics, smart machines and lines, digital assistance and artificial intelligence, keeping cyber security at the top of our priorities.

Delivering value to our customers

In order to fast-track our digital transformation plan and develop stronger relationships with customers and suppliers, we have set up a cross-functional team leveraging our existing strengths and internal synergies. The following key areas of intervention have been identified:

Remote digital solutions

Delivered by our service teams in Coesia companies, these include Remote Assistance, Remote FAT and Remote Training.

On-demand digital solutions

Directly accessible by our customers through multiple devices, such solutions include Webshop (our platform for ordering and tracking spare parts), Guided procedures, Performance analysis and much more.

Data-driven digital solutions

Powered by a dedicated Coesia team, these solutions range from Machine monitoring and Predictive analysis to Doctor’s visits and OEE consulting services. 

Coesia Digital benefits

We offer a full range of handy products to support your operations physically and remotely, help you in monitoring machine pool in real time and in preventing breakdowns and unplanned stops by exploiting data analysis and AI.





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Embrace the real value of connectivity, data analytics, machine & line control, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Coesia Digital is a universe of dedicated products and services, to ensure your needs are fulfilled through state-of-the-art digital innovations.

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