Coesia PerforMate

Coesia PerforMate is our integrated IoT platform for real time machine monitoring. Working as a unique portal to a world of innovative services, it allows improved control, enhanced collaboration, and performance boost of your entire machine pool.

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Thanks to an intuitive interface and personalized alerts, using Coesia PerforMate you can monitor the machine and line OEE across multiple plants, anytime and anywhere. The aggregation of performance data in a smart dashboard ensures a global understanding of productivity and a faster reaction in case of outstanding issues. 

PerforMate benefits

Your production needs and our expertise meet digitally through Coesia PerforMate, our unique gateway to a world of improved control and enhanced performance. 

  • An intuitive interface and personalized dashboards ensure a smooth monitoring of your machines and lines, across multiple plants and locations.
  • Performance, quality and availability of each machine are tracked live, anytime and anywhere.
  • Machine digital documentation, webshop and remote assistance are available on demand for an improved experience.
  • Maintenance and trouble-shooting guided procedures allow a faster reaction in case of issues.