Coesia UltiMate

Coesia UltiMate is our digital appliance for predictive analytics and AI performed at machine level. Directly connected with machine PLC and other Coesia Digital services, this smart and self-learning platform is set to easily enhance your productivity and quality, with an eye to maintenance and cost containment.


UltiMate benefits

Starting from our excellent knowledge of packaging machine and industrial solutions, we have developed Coesia UltiMate, an innovative proprietary platform for data analytics to predict machine behaviour, improve OEE and quality.

  • A network of sensors makes sure critical parameters are monitored and compiled through data acquisition systems.
  • The statistical process control ensures the detection of anomalies in the process variability and the real time analysis of data – through algorithms and data correlations – allows operators to anticipate machine failures and avoid breakdowns.
  • The machine condition monitoring allows to move from a time-based maintenance to a condition-base maintenance, replacing parts and planning activities when it is needed based on the real status.
  • The machine self-regulation capabilities make sure that the equipment adapts autonomously to process and materials changes.