Bilancio di Sostenibilità coesia 2018

Coesia Sustainability Report 2018

Coesia’s Sustainability Report for 2018 sets out the strategic policies of the Group, which, in line with its mission, are closely associated with a commitment to creating sustainable and long-term economic, social and environmental value for all stakeholders.
The data presented in this document therefore describe this commitment in every region where the Group’s 21 companies are operating.

Diversity is the starting point for laying the foundations of a new culture. With over 7,500 associates of 67 nationalities in 32 countries in 2018, Coesia is a full-blown productive and social ecosystem. Each person is an integral part of the organization, its business and its success.

The initiatives focusing on associates are designed to grow skills, enhance the quality of life and improve safety. In pursuing this, account is taken of specific needs, with the aim of consolidating a common culture based on shared values.
Training programmes have been activated at every professional level, because the associates are the driving force of innovation.
Safety is a crucial theme for the Group: the programmes devoted to Health, Safety and the Environment do not just concern associates, but also outside contractors, clients and stakeholders.

Coesia works continually to prevent and reduce the environmental impact of the Group by improving processes and introducing new technologies. Environmental sustainability creates social and economic value, and is one of the areas where we are investing in every office and factory.

In a constantly evolving socioeconomic context, Coesia reiterates its wish to pursue a sustainable long-term growth model, focusing on people and on the promotion of a sense of shared responsibility for social and environmental issues.

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