What about being the next talented engineer who brings innovation in Coesia?

If you have a master's degree in electrical, mechanical or computer engineering and you want to enjoy a challenging experience in an international and multicultural environment, you are in the right place!

Engineering Graduate Program

The Engineering Graduate Program is a 10-month advanced career path that will give you the opportunity to explore Coesia.

You will go through a challenging selection made of business games that will allow you to gain a deep insight of our business, our values, and the technical and management strategies of the Group.
We will offer you a wide range of opportunities and learning methodologies including in-class and on-the-job training provided by Coesia managers. You will be involved in real-life experiences and international projects that will give you worldwide exposure and an occasion to put into practice what you have learned on a global scale.
This is your chance to be trained by engineering leaders and explore our multicultural environment.

This program is an excellent means to develop your career path (by taking advantage of professional mentoring), grow your network, and lay the foundations of your future at Coesia.

Engeneering Graduate Program


When should I apply? 
The applications for EGP 2020 are open from September 15th, 2019, to March 15th, 2020.

Can I apply for a different country from the one I am studying/working in?
Yes you can, if you already have the work permit for the country you are applying for.

Can I apply if I have a Bachelor’s Degree?
No, unfortunately you cannot, because the EGP is only open to Master’s Degree graduates.
Please check out our open positions for candidates who have a Bachelor’s Degree here: https://www.coesia.com/en/career-opportunities 

Can I apply if I have a different Degree from those required?
You cannot apply to the EGP if you don’t have all the requirements listed, but please check out our open positions here: https://www.coesia.com/en/career-opportunities 

Can I apply if I have not yet completed my Master’s Degree?
Yes you can, if you have already completed all the exams in your University Program.

Is the assignment abroad mandatory?
Yes! Coesia has its HQ in Bologna, Italy, and it is a group of companies operating globally in thirthy-five countries; the assignment abroad will train you to take part in our culture and environment. A dedicated HR team will support you in selecting the most suitable destination for your assignment abroad.

Which areas will I be working in? 
You will directly work within our divisions and experience different areas, such as sales, after-sales, customer service, operations, engineering, and R&D. The final decision for your role will be made in accordance with your interests and qualifications as well as our business requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions