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GREENMATION: industrial automation for a sustainable future

Discover GREENMATION, how Coesia intends to lead the automation revolution towards a more sustainable future.
Nowadays everyone is striving to make their packaging more sustainable whilst facing labour shortages and production cost increase. In this complex situation, at Coesia we believe that the only way forward entails a production revolution capable of combining the principles of automation and sustainability.

Thanks to our unrivalled portfolio of state-of-the-art solutions, Coesia helps you automate every production step, whilst supporting you in the sustainability transition.


As a Group, we are more committed than ever to leverage our innovation skills in the packaging and industrial landscape to shape a more sustainable future together with our customers.

Thanks to our Centre of Expertise Sustainability, we work with leading suppliers to closely monitor new material-machine interaction and develop new packaging solutions.
Through extensive R&D investments, we have developed equipment capable of producing lower carbon footprint packaging, while offering you the possibility to retrofit your installed base to run new eco-friendly and recyclable materials.

Come to our booth and discover the Coesia Shelf of Sustainable Solutions, with over 50 sustainable packaging formats for multiple industries.



Coesia supports its customers in every step of their manufacturing, thanks to a wide portfolio of cutting-edge automation solutions that ensure production reliability and divert manpower towards added-value tasks. 
From intelligent object picking solutions for material loading and infeed to inline transfer, down to industrial and collaborative robotic solutions for end of line management, we are your go-to partner in the journey towards full line automation where a seamless machinery-operator integration results in footprint optimization and leaner production flows.

Discover at Interpack 2023 Coesia's automation portfolio and learn how to improve production flow efficiency and speed, making your operations autonomous and lean.