Icons: in red and black

Bicolor iconst can be used in the follow components:

  • number: 1, 2, 20 and their variants

Type of content: 

  • Icon, text, link (optional)

Text and link are fields to be edited in the cms.

Icon blister packs (Hapa)
Icon block buildings
Icon block bullseye
Icon block calendar
Icon block candidate (Corporate People section)
Icon block chart

Icon block classroom (Corporate People section)
Icon block cockade
Icon block factory
Icon block globe-plane
Icon block globe
Icon block graduated (Corporate People section)

Icon block handsahke Icon block handsahke (Corporate People section)
Icon block marker
Icon block medical paper (Hapa)
Icon block pencil
Icon block people
Icon block pillar (Corporate People section)

Icon block robot-arm
Icon block solution
Icon block suitcase
Icon block tie (Corporate People section)
Icon block touch-screen
Icon block tutor-mentor (Corporate People section)

Icons: white color

Icons in white can be used in the component 21; the component has a red background.

Type of content: icon, text field.

The text is a field to be edited in the cms.

Icon Buildings

Icon Business man

Icon Chart up

Icon Check list


Second block

Icon Cockade

Icon Factory

Icon Globe

Icon Handshake


Third block

Icon House

Icon Shield

New icons

new icons

Icon block money
Icon block OEE
Icon block productivity
Icon block quality
Icon block service experience

Icon block time

icon white #4

icon white #4

Icon cost

Icon digital services

Icon enhance service

Icon global view

icon white 5#

icon white 5#

Icon improve productivity

Icon increase OEE

Icon maintenance

Icon monitoring

icons #6

icons #6

Icon performance

Icon quality

Icon simplify operations

Icon time

icon block digital services
icon block global
icon block performance
icon block time monitoring