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Application Engineer

  • COUNTRY: United States
  • COMPANY: FlexLink
  • CONTRACT: Unlimited contract

Group, Company and Organisation

FlexLink Systems, Inc, a progressive and innovative company using Industry 4.0 “smart factory” concepts to achieve significant growth over the next five years by developing state-of-the-art material handling systems for a variety of industries throughout the U.S   We offer multiple avenues for professional development and advancement and strong starting salaries & benefits in a stable and expanding organization. FlexLink Systems is part of the Coesia group - with 15 global companies and over 6,000 worldwide employees. 

COESIA is a group of innovation-based industrial solutions companies operating globally, headquartered in Bologna, Italy and fully owned by Isabella Seràgnoli. Coesia’s companies are leaders in the sectors of primary and secondary packaging machinery for food, pharmaceutical & consumer goods, advanced automated machinery & materials, industrial process solutions and precision gears.  Coesia’s customers are leading players in a broad range of industries, including Aerospace, Consumer Goods, Electronics, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Racing & Automotive and Tobacco.

Coesia’s companies: ACMA - CERULEAN - CIMA - CITUS KALIX - EMMECI - FLEXLINK - G.D - GDM - GF - HAPA - IPI - MGS - MOLINS - NORDEN - R.A JONES - SACMO - SASIB - VOLPAK.  The Group has 99 operating units (59 of which with production facilities) in 32 countries with over 6,800 employees.   

Main Responsibilities / Activities

We are looking for someone who is ambitious and collaborative, someone who has an innovative approach and the ability to investigate data sets and assess solutions. If you are strongly motivated to craft the future in a team oriented environment, this position might be perfect for you. Through your experiences you will have the ability to work with budgets and deadlines. You will be part of a team where everyone is responsible for continual improvement, and will strive for excellence.

  • Prepares cost estimate for all aspects of the RFQ. This will include FL materials, outside buys, peripheral equipment, controls, assembly labor, installation and travel expenses.
  • Generates a written proposal clearly outlining the scope of work, proposed solution, description of operation, and deliverables. This document serves as our legal contract to the customer when the order is placed.
  • Supports sales engineers in customer calls for quotations of complex systems or when the collection of more technical information or further details is necessary.
  • Reviews RFQ concepts with internal teams, customer, and salesman.
  • Prepares CAD layouts for the system concept demonstrating the proposed solution. 
  • Asks for quotations from external suppliers and evaluate estimates
  • Evaluates formal customer RFQ documents and interpreting clients' requirements. 
  • Ability to understand and specify requirements for simulation requirements with our central resources.


Key Competences / Leadership Attributes

  • Fluent English, spoken and written with good Communication and presentation skills – able to explain design ideas and plans clearly
  • AutoCAD Tools 2D/3D and Inventor, SolidWorks a plus
  • MS Office suite including (Word, Excel and PowerPoint)
  • Good knowledge of general engineering principles, with the ability to detail design mechanisms and components.
  • Time management and multi-tasking- must be able to multi task assignments while being conscious of the deadlines set by the customer/sales engineer. The AE will be required to handle several RFQs at one time.
  • The ability to quickly understand customer processes and find appropriate solutions to the automation requirements using both FlexLink and external products, conveyors, robots, pick and place systems, etc.
  • An understanding of principles of control systems requirements is preferable
  • Must have the ability to work in a team atmosphere to review feasibility, costs, and lead time for various technical solutions.
  • Ability to interface regularly with customers together with awareness of requirements of responsiveness
  • Will be required to utilize specific FlexLink tools for estimating and proposal preparation FLQT/DT
  • Some experience of the safety requirements and standards with the application of General Automation, Robotics, and Cobotics
  • Understanding of ‘Simulation' requirements
  • Should have a strong interest in new technology, and awareness of the latest developments in controls and software

Basic Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering preferred, other relevant degree or equivalent experience accepted.
  • Minimum 3 years of experience in a manufacturing or systems integration company, focused on the supply of automation solutions.  Will have a minimum of 5 years engineering experience.