• Manufactures packaging machinery for confectionery, soaps and detergents, bottling lines for high-value or viscous/foaming liquids, horizontal form-fill-seal packaging lines (HFFS) for food and beverages.
    ACMAVOLPAK's headquarters are located in Bologna (Italy) and Barcelona (Spain).

  • Produces bowl feeders, blade elevators, disk feeders, depalletizers, palletizers, robot and vision systems.
    ADMV is headquartered in Crémieu (France). It has 60 employees.

  • Has been producing power trains and high-performance gear transmissions for over 50 years. It is supplier of various racing teams.
    CIMA's headquarters are located in Bologna (Italy).

  • Manufactures lipstick fillers, hot filling machinery for creams and foundations, deodorant and tube fillers, cartoning machinery and feeding equipment.
    CITUS KALIX is headquartered in Courcouronnes, (France).

  • Is the leading provider of automated production flow solutions and the innovator of modern conveyor systems to manufacturing industries, within the automotive, electronics, healthcare and fast moving consumer goods segments.
    FLEXLINK's headquarters are located in Göteborg (Sweden).

  • Is the leading supplier of high-technology machinery for cigarette making and packing.
    G.D's headquarters are located in Bologna (Italy).

  • Manufactures production lines for disposable hygiene products (baby diapers, sanitary napkins and adult incontinence diapers) with a capacity of up to 1000 pieces/min.
    GDM's headquarters are located in Offanengo (Italy).

  • Manufactures On Demand printing systems for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic packaging industries and is market leader in its field.
    Hapa is located near Zurich, (Switzerland).

  • Provides complete solutions for the aseptic packaging of liquid products in multilayer structure.
    IPI operates two plants in Perugia (Italy), of which one dedicated to production of packaging material.

  • Manufactures on line packaging security and vision inspection systems for the pharmaceutical industry to verify presence, completeness and correctness of packaging.
    LAETUS is headquartered near Frankfurt (Germany).

  • Is the leading supplier of high-performance tube filling systems, covering all speeds and applications in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, toothpaste, food.
    NORDEN is headquartered in Kalmar (Sweden).

  • Produces packaging machinery for food and consumer goods: pouch filling and cartoning, chub packaging, cup filling and sealing, aerosol machinery, bottle filling and patented solutions for improving shelf life.
    R.A JONES is headquartered in Davenport, Iowa (USA).

  • Designs complete lines in the packaging machinery industry, refurbishment of existing customer machinery and retrofit of machines.
    SACMO is headquartered in Holnon (France).

  • Manufactures making and packing lines for the tobacco industry.
    SASIB's headquarters are located in Castelmaggiore (Bologna).