The Coesia companies have always been technological leaders in their fields. The technological breakthroughs they created have changed the way machines are made, products are packaged and quality control is carried out. Their innovative solutions have allowed production to become faster, more efficient, safer and more environment-friendly.
Today, the Coesia Engineering Centre aims both at studying brand-new solutions and at seizing opportunities originating from the cross-fertilization of technologies, namely the transfer of innovative solutions which have already been successfully developed by a company within the Group and which can be used for applications in other sectors.

Specialized engineers: over 1400 highly specialised designers and technicians work in our Research & Development departments worldwide and in the Coesia Engineering Centre

Intellectual property: we have over 2500 registered patents and patent applications worldwide

Investments: we invest 5% of the turnover in Research & Development each year

Scientific Cooperations: we have over 30 active cooperation agreements with leading international universities, research centres and institutions worldwide

Main research sectors: in the last few years our Research & Development has been committed to finding new solutions mainly in the following areas:

  • increasing production speed

  • using new packaging materials

  • creating new packaging forms

  • developing new technical solutions for the production and packaging processes

  • applying new technologies for quality control and printing systems

  • increasing flexibility in format and brand change-over

  • reducing energy consumption in the production process