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1. Controller

The company you’re trying to contact with this form (the “Company”) processes your personal data – in quality of Controller/Joint Controller – in accordance to the Privacy Policy to which you may refer for the purposes described below. Both of these processing are based upon the legitimate interests of both Coesia S.p.A. – the holding company of the Coesia group – and the Company. By ticking the box below, you also consent the Company to communicate and share your personal data to the other entities part of the Coesia group for the direct marketing purposes described below. Here below you can find the key info on the processings. 

2. Purposes

In particular, the Company processes the personal data you provide filling up the form, for the following purposes: 

a. collect identification and contact data for registering your attendance at the event organized by the Coesia/Company and/or reply to queries concerning the Coesia/Company activities and/or your contractual or pre-contractual relationships with Coesia and/or the Company; 

b. send to your email newsletters of informational, promotional and advertising nature and/or other materials for direct marketing purposes; 

c. analyze your interaction (“Insights Data”) to materials sent by the Company for marketing communication purposes above and create a profile to send you information based on your interests (“Profiling”). 

3. Legal Basis

The data processing under letter a. above is necessary for the performance of a contract or to take steps prior to entering into a contract between you and Coesia and/or the Company.  

The data processing under letters b. and c. is based on the legitimate interest of both the Company and Coesia S.p.A. to send you marketing communication and evaluate the Insight Data to set out marketing strategies and send you information based on your interests. 

4. Data sharing purpose

In accordance to the Privacy Policy and given your explicit consent, the Company may share your personal data with other companies of the Coesia group (“Coesia Entity/ies”, which act as Joint Controllers, jointly the Company) in order to allow the other Coesia Entities to send you marketing and commercial information, newsletters and/or materials and to process the Insight Data within Profiling (as specified under letters b. and c.). 

You can give your explicit consent to the data sharing for marketing purpose checking the following box. In this case, the profiling processing will be carried on the basis of the recipient Coesia Entity’s legitimate interest. 

It remains understood that in case of denial of giving your consent, the marketing and profiling processing will be carried out only by Coesia and by the Company based on their legitimate interests, as specified above. 

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