COESIA looks ahead: technological innovation and continuing development are the reasons behind the Group's global leadership and the long history of success of its companies.

COESIA speaks many languages: for its employees it designs training and development courses that result in experiences and professional opportunities in 34 countries in which, to date, the Group is present, from Asia to South America, from Europe to North America.

COESIA is never too far away: the Group combines global presence and local initiatives, as the Social Responsibility projects, partnerships with schools and universities and the deep-rooted connection between the individual companies and the territories in which it is based, all bear witness.

COESIA takes care of its talent: the development plans, firmly founded on the recognition of merit and on the enhancement of skills, provide the possibility to expand people's professional horizons through opportunities in different roles, functions and countries.

COESIA invests in you: the Group continually seeks brilliant employees, offering courses articulated into personalized and structured training aimed at skill development.