Technological excellence and an international calling are the cornerstones on which Coesia has structured its role as a leading player on the global market.

Our worldwide presence is organized by geographical areas: North America & Mexico, Latin America, Japan & South Korea and China are the four regions that host Coesia Sales offices and, in some cases, manufacturing facilities dedicated to local markets. In addition to the Regions, there are subsidiaries of individual companies operating in specific businesses and markets.

As of today we are present in Italy, Switzerland, Turkey, Germany, Russia, Sweden, Spain, France, Great Britain, Brazil, Mexico, the United States, India, Indonesia, Singapore, China, Japan, Canada, Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, South Africa, Czech Republic, Hungary, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand. Our expansion goals are reflected in Merger & Acquisition policies that are particularly oriented towards finding new opportunities for international growth.

The global reach of our business permeates the development prospects for Coesia employees, beginning with the opportunity to gain professional experience in a number of countries and companies, to the point of providing dedicated policies for expatriates.

COESIA constantly interfaces with the culture of the countries in which it is present: our employees recognize the goals that can only be achieved through comparison and respect for diversity.