Industrial research is the heart of our business. It is not simply about improving a technical feature or reducing maintenance times, it's about re-thinking processes, transferring solutions applied in other sectors, finding new ways to anticipate customer needs. It means going away from the beaten path and looking ahead.

Following is a brief summary of some of the main innovations generated by Coesia companies in the different sectors we operate in:
Which were the winning factors in this successful story? Innovation is not generated by an individual alone. It is the result of a series of favourable conditions, which in our case consisted in a creative company culture, the commitment to invest in Research & Development, the presence of a mechanical district offering a network of opportunities, such as the transfer of technological know-how and the availability of outstanding talents. All these factors, combined with an increasing market demand for higher production volumes, were the trigger for the creation of new technologies and state-of-the-art solutions.