We are committed to the sustainable development of our business by using energy and resources in the most efficient way and minimizing the environmental impact of our operations.
To embed sustainability in every stage of the life-cycle of our products, we are working in our Research & Development units in order to:

  • Introduce new design techniques in the fields of fluid dynamics, thermal properties and electrical systems, in order to reduce electrical consumption (for electric motors, power supply infeed, cooling systems and vacuum generation for compressed air) and energy consumption in terms of tons of CO2e produced by our machine lines running at customer plants

  • Activate an energy-saving strategy for our production plants in Italy and abroad with the aim of reducing the corresponding CO2 production. This strategy consists of two specific actions:

    a first set of interventions aimed at improving the plants' energy performances so as to reach considerable results in a short period of time
    the definition and implementation of an environmental sustainability plan, including relevant actions regarding the buildings' energy impact and the production processes – in order to guarantee a two-digit CO2e reduction in the medium-term.
  • Involve the supply-chain and the in-and out-bound transportation logistics so as to transfer the best practices experimented internally to the key suppliers with the aim of reducing the CO2e tons linked to their operations.

  • A practical example: Acma's "Green Machine"
    Acma's new SP2-NG horizontal flow pack machine can reduce energy consumption by up to 30% compared to traditional machines. Based on the concept that you can manage resources only if you measure their use and assuming you can only optimize what you can control, on the Acma SP2-NG machine you can actually see during operation how much energy the machine is using, both in general terms and for each product packaged. To achieve this goal, Acma worked with Schneider Electric in a very fruitful collaboration.